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Friday, December 4, 2009 | A General Update story

woohoo it's frozen pizza friday. I always like it when I don't have to try to think about dinner.

I actually made slip covers for two old loveseats that turned out very nicely. Sad that I can't afford new furniture but happy that I can sew and found a fantastic deal on fabric. What used to take me a day (creating a pattern, cutting out fabric, sewing) took three, but who's counting?!

I had to add some foam to one of the 20 year old love seats but it feels very comfortable now. Even the dog must think so since that seems to be where he likes to take his mid-day nap. I'll have to add the 'before and after' pictures I took. Gotta take the time to figure that out...

It feels so good to actually be able to look at something and tell myself that I did it. I created it. It's been so hard for me over the years to feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment when my daily routine is so comparatively limited. I've had to repeatedly try to convince myself that individual worth is not about what a person can do, but rather what a person has in their heart. How come that is so much easier when I evaluate other people but not so easy when it comes to how I feel about myself?

Just purchased some polar fleece on a super sale to make snuggies for my kids for Christmas. Every now and then I start to panic about finances and debt and life but if I can avoid dwelling on it I feel much better. I have the most fun when I fantasize about having everything taken care of financially. It's a delightful escape from reality.

It's also fun to think about how I made two slip covers (custom fit) for less than one stretchy, plain colored, ill-fitting store bought cover. woo hoo. And, I'll make five snuggies for a little over half of what I would have to pay for them in the store. woo hoo

And to think, it all started with 4-H in about third grade when I learned to sew and made an apron for the county fair. One more time -- woo hoo!

carry on.


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Slim Pikins said...

Definitely post pictures of the slip covers. I saw the Snuggie pictures on Facebook and laughed, then drooled. You're so clever. Everyone at our house agreed that they were a superb Christmas gift.