Sunday, September 14, 2008


Just in case anyone is actually checking to see if there is a new post I'm letting y'all know that I will one day post some pics. I'm not even kidding. As far as writing a post in the near future --- I've pulled out my book to start writing again. I have a love/hate relationship with this project. I love the process of writing in some ways, and find it very painful in other ways. Mostly because the words on the paper never fully express, describe, articulate, or fully emote the feelings I have in my heart nor the delightful eloquence that they seem to have in my mind prior to trying to type them out. Also, I just edited an entire chapter to the point that is is barely recognizable from before. I fear that will be the case with every chapter and it feels as if this process could very well be endless! In other words, my writing energy is being expended elsewhere. I may post again soon and I may not. You are always welcome to check back, leave comments of a supportive nature, and breath peace and happiness.
carry on.