Friday, January 15, 2010


Trying to calm down after basketball game where one of the refs was completely useless. I usually don't yell but this was crazy bad, man. I just stopped shaking a bit ago. Kind of embarrassed I let that dude get to me. Played some games of solitare to slow down the racing heartbeat, etc. Abby just got home and said the coach is filing a report against one of the refs. Won't help us now but nobody should have to go through that...

Reading a book that is pretty much one of my worst fears. It's about the possibility of war between the extreme right and the extreme left. Okay, not the possibility, the reality. Because this is basically present tense stuff. That is why the title of this post is, "yikes." Haven't finished the book so I don't know how all the conspiracy is going to play out, but in the mean time the senator from Idaho (speaker of the house) has been sworn in as president since both the president and vice president and defense secretary got blown up while in the white house, no less. The army general is totally right wing and wants to blow up everything and everybody and put the U.S. under military control. Or, does he?

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