Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm not much for Christmas. I don't get all magical spazical about it. I enjoy the music and the lights, but I usually get frustrated with all the "gift stuff". When the kids were teeny tiny it was a bit different, but even then I was sensitive about all the commercialism. I've become more comfortable with my scrooge-like attitude and actually have been quite relieved that people seem to be a bit more calm this year. I feel like for the first time in a long time people are thinking more about what they have, what they need, and more about what they can make or do for someone instead of spending lots of money on things people don't need.

I understand people need to buy stuff to keep the economy going, but at the same time I appreciate it when things settle down a little bit. Now if we could just get past the, "What did you get for Christmas?" questions I would be ecstatic.

I haven't even gotten a family Christmas letter out this year. I guess I'll write one on here. Sometime in the next little bit, perhaps.

carry on.

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Suz said...

My favorite part of Christmas is having the days off. It is like being on vacation for me, but without having to go anywhere.

I sometimes think I would be happy to become a recluse. I have fantasies that I will finish my novel, get published, sell lots of copies and get rich enough to become an eccentric old coot author lady that never leaves her house. I am sure I have something wrong with me when that is my #1 dream to hope comes true.