Saturday, August 23, 2014

What does God have to do with it?

HERE IS A DRAFT FROM AUGUST 2012.  Interesting...since I just spent a lot of time reading and studying Ecclesiastes and Job in the Old Testament.  The post ends somewhat abruptly and doesn't seem to talk about "liberating atonement" (I'm not sure what that is), nevertheless, it is a bit of a teaser and I like what I started. 

Okay, so my nephew wrote a paper that talked about liberating atonement. Not sure I understood everything he was saying, but I am thinking.

Now, I shall reveal. (get it? think and reveal.)

God does not need us to defend Him. When people wonder where God is when bad, evil, horrific things happen, what is the answer?

So we shift. We take God out of the equation. If someone doesn't believe that God exists because there is too much evil in the world....etc. Then why not think in terms of God not being in the answer.

What are we doing to stop the evil? What are we doing to keep bad things from happening? Why, in the first place, do people expect God to "take care of it"?

If something bad happens to you, what are you doing to make it so that bad thing doesn't happen to someone else?

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