Wednesday, July 29, 2009

spirit in two or more places at once?

Is it possible? When I feel disconnected - a floaty feeling I can't quite describe - could my body be here and my spirit be in another dimension? It's such a strange feeling - And I wonder about the consciousness of my spirit - or what my spirit knows (because of its existence BEFORE earth life with body) - It knows, must know, things I'm not consciously aware of; so, then isn't it possible that it could be or do things dimensionally that I'm not aware of? My spirit knows what it's like to be without a body, but my body doesn't consciously know what it's like to be without spirit and that's what the weird/strange feeling is - is it possible to be conscious without spirit? No? So, can thoughts be physical - of the body alone? I guess not or we'd be dead, or?...

That was written several months ago. I just read a book this week about synchronicity of the soul with the universe. At one point the author describes what he believes to be the two parts of the soul - local and nonlocal. The local soul is our individual essence and exists at the quantum level and our nonlocal soul is part of everyone and everything and exists in the virtual or spirit level. I wanted to change some of the authors terminology and plug his concept into the plan of salvation because he was talking about things that made sense from an ethereal perspective. His point about our local spirit existing at the quantum level made sense to me.

A quantum leap is a change in status from one set of circumstances to another that takes place without passing through circumstances in between. When an electron is in orbit A and the next moment in orbit B there is no traveling through the space in between. It's simply there. Even though this author had a definition of the soul that I didn't totally agree with, I couldn't help but wonder if this was a possible continuation of my thoughts about a spirit being in more than one place at the same time. A sort of quantum leap between dimensions would make sense to me.

carry on.

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